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Nucora offers expertise in Branded, Generic, Homeopathy, Ayurveda medicines from government approved quality manufacturing facilities. We deal in Protein food, pre/post workout essentials, Gainers, Personal Care, Herbs For Weight Loss, Vital Herbs, Antioxidants, Herbal Extracts, Oils, Vinegar & Health Juices, Healthy Beverages, Family Single use devices, Personal protective equipment and clothing, Solutions and reagents, Instruments, laboratory stuff along with Clinical OPD, Healthcare at Home, Telemedicine and Diagnostic.


Providing Top-Notch Pharma Products & Service

In the pharmaceutical supply chain, pharma distributors are a critical link between suppliers to the end destination, from local pharmacies to major hospitals. This is when the need for experienced pharmaceutical distribution firms becomes apparent. By directing the appropriate medical products/medicines to the appropriate patients at the appropriate time, they significantly contribute to the growth of enterprises. Ultimately, using the services of Nucora Life Care's pharma distribution will give your business a lot of opportunities to grow in.

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With more than 15Years of industry expertise, Our consultants serve clients with high-quality information.



We are a team of professionals with 105+ man-years of rich experience, which ensures we serve our clients better.



Our tailor-made solutions surely are the best in the market with highly competitive price structures.

Our Products



Looking for Pharma Franchise, Nucora Life Care fulfills your entire requirement.
We are a (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified PCD Pharma Company) strongly takes care that the product shall meet the relevant Internal & Pharmacopoeia Standards & Statutory Requirements.
We take an opportunity to provide our monopoly product distribution rights to the Franchise owner.

Generic Medicines
Ayurveda Medicines

Dietary - Nutrition and Supplements

Sports Nutrition

Protein food, Pre/Post workout Essentials, Gainers, Personal Care


Multivitamin's, minerals Ayurveda , and much more supplements


Herbs For Weight Loss Vital Herbs, Antioxidants, Herbal Extracts, Oils.

Health Food & Drinks

Vinegar & Health Juices, Healthy, Beverages, Family Nutrition, Protein.


Health & Wellness

Nucora Life Care's health and wellness products are known for innovation & quality. We are one of the top Wholesale Distributors in India. We are bulk suppliers of health care products and welcome distributors from all over, as we intend to condense our distributorship in local and international markets. Interested distributors can contact us for our products franchises and become a part of our vision of fostering a healthy lifestyle in people.

Medical devices for the first level of care

Single use devices, Personal protective equipment and clothing, Solutions and reagents, Instruments, laboratory stuff etc.

Blood Sample Collection Centre

100+ Medical Tests & Diagnostic Reports.Telemedicine, "healthcare at home" From the Comfort of your Home at No Extra Cost

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